How can I see all the default textures jMonkey provides?

I noticed that a lot of default textures for jMonkey are stored in the Textures folder, but I don’t know how to find this. I looked in the core jar but there is no Textures folder, only Common. I just want to know this so I can use their textures while I learn things to make things look nice then later I will make my own.

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You should be able to find all the textures and default engine assets in the jme3-testdata directory:

Jme-TestData stores all of the assets that are used by jme tutorials, examples, and test cases separate from jme3-core. This way jme users can have the option to omit just the test data library once they are using their own assets and no longer need access to any of the stock engine assets.

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Noticed where? When you say “default textures” what exactly do you mean?

The engine itself includes no default textures, really. So to answer properly we’ll need to understand what you mean.

…and the 100% most asked question here: what are you actually trying to do?

The engine is engine, not Asset repository, it have no textures. jme-testdata package have some but they are only for test/example purpose.

If you want textures you got plenty sites like:

and some other sites where you can get textures for free.(or pay if need quality)


sorry for not replying sooner but the textures in jme-testdata is what I wanted, but even then theres like a few… but since that is the case I will just free online ones or create some myself.

Welcome, gravy! I also wanted to say that I like your username :melting_face:

Yeah it seems to me like they are not intended to be a collection to make a whole game with but more so just a collection to use as placeholders so that you can toss them in examples, get example code to work, and see how things fit together etc.

Glad you have a plan and hope you have fun with whatever you’re working on–