How can I use CartoonEdgeFilter for only one spatial in the viewport?

I use JME nightly builds. I have no such an exception.

Do you use JME beta?

@mifth, Could you tell me you used version of JME3 or the link where you download the JME3 jar package?

BTW, what is nightly builds? where can find them?

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Menu: Tools → Plugins → Enable Nightly Builds. Then update your plugins. (MORE PREFERABLE WAY)

Or just download here:

And replace your libs with nightly jars.

@mifth, I download the latest package, now another exception occurred:

[java]java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: In material: MatDefs/LightBlow/LightBlow.j3md

The ‘FixedFunc’ technique name no longer has any special meanining.

To support fixed pipeline mode, remove that technique’s name entirely.[/java]

it seems CoreDevs removed “FixedFunc” yesterday:

Just remove “FixedFunc” as they did here:

Or download my fixed version: