How can I use lwjgl 2.0rc1 with jME?

I really need to get jME to use lwjgl2. The older lwjgl doesn't support Vista and has some Mac issues as well.

I've got jME all setup to compile, and when I swap out versions of lwjgl most of the changes necessary are pretty minor (just changing the imports in several files)… except for one, that is: which uses the now defunct LWJGLInstaller.

Is there anyway around this? Some other option?

P.S. I did try just commenting out the LWJGLInstaller code, and things SEEM to work fine… but I wasn't sure if that would actually be the case.

You are still using the cvs version ?

jme 2.0 is already using lwjgl 2.0.

It sounded like jme 2.0 wasn't ready for production use yet though. Ho hum…  :expressionless: