How can use javafx11 jdk11 with jme3?

i dont know where is the bug!
i just use:
compile ‘com.spaceshift:rlib.fx:5.0.2’
compile ‘com.spaceshift:rlib.common:7.1.2’
compile ‘com.jme3:jfx:2.0.0’
maybe the rlib algorithm is fast

Me either! But your use of exclamation marks is more frequent than normal! Please dont shout at me! :slight_smile:


A lot of the code was either transferred from jmonkeyBuilder or inspired by it. If I had to guess I probably just missed a check somewhere. Most of the work that would slow it down is copying from the JME buffer to JFX. It could be something as simple as checking if that’s even necessary (no change). I may have missed that bit out.

how can bind ViewPort and guiViewPort to one imageView?

Bind to the last viewport.