How do I add noise to a terrain?

I tried the docs, I tried the tests, but it still eludes me how to add noise to a terrain. Can anyone point me to some documentation or is this perhaps not jme-specific ? I can see the in the terrain src, but how to combine terrain + noise I dont know.

Kind regards,
Asser Fahrenholz

What sort of noise, to what sort of terrain?

What result are you trying to achieve?

I’d like to experiment, but going for something like the stuff seen here :

So, largely any terrain - i’d start with a flat terrain and then experiment my way to something that would fit my game.

Kind regards,
Asser Fahrenholz

This sort of thing?

Exactly :slight_smile:

My problem is very basic (I think): I got a terrain, I can make some noise using the native libs - how do I add the two together ?

Unfortunately there is not a simple solution. Google marching cubes and also search on this forum and read the thread I linked for inspiration.

(Standard terrain doesn’t help in this case as it can’t overhang).

Allright. Thanks, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing some basic terrain.addNoise( !? ) function anywhere :smiley: