How do i add png or any files to my models or textures folder?

Hello everyone, i’m incredibly new to j monkey engine, and i found it impossible to import or put files into the folders ? can someone please tell me how to put them into the folders. I found several sources for coding textures, but its the pipeline or adding them thats the problem. Thanks everyone

Assuming you are using windows:

Your misunderstanding my question. The sdk is open, how do I put .png textures inside the sdk textures folder

Open file explorer.
Find the PNG file you want.
Right click and select copy.
Go to the SDK.
Go to the folder you want.
Right click on the folder.
Click paste.

Or the fast way: (drag and drop)
Open file explorer.
Find the PNG file you want.
Press the left mouse button on the file and hold it.
Drag the mouse towards the folder on the SDK window until the folder is highlighted.
Release the left mouse button.

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