How do I change the default controls and remove the mouse

How do I change the default keyboard controls that jmonkey comes with and how do I remove the mouse controls?

I’m pretty sure these have been answered several times over in the forums, a quick seach reveals :

removing the mouse is an easy one :


Its all in the wiki also, to disable the defaults turn off flycam.

to change keyboard,

Note that you can disable all “defaults” in the constructor of the class that extends SimpleApplication.

public class Something extends SimpleApplication {

    public static void main(String... args) {
        Something something = new Something();

    public Something() {

        // this line over-rides the defaults and doesn't add any appstates (including the default flycam, etc)
        super(new BaseAppState[0]);

        // optionally add your own instead..
        super(new FlyCamAppstate(), new StatsAppState(), new CustomAppState());


And thanks to open source, you can see what the default states/mappings are here:

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Thanks you all. I finally got it to work.

You see @hardeepsp, you see what he did there…

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