How do i edit this

I have good knowlage of java, but i could only get this version with a 17mb .jar file

with a bunch of demo's

How the hell do i code off of that  :mrgreen:

anyway if somebody can please help me or get me an direct link to the correct FULL DOWNLOAD

it will be appreciated

So glad you took the time to read the download page carefully before posting :slight_smile:

Welcome dadabehh,

here is a link to good tutorials how to get jME started. I can only advise to get it via svn-checkout cause

the package to download is not uptodate anymore. (Nevertheless it works).

The tutorials:

e.g. the eclipse tutorial is straight forward and all you have to do is go through the instruction LINE BY LINE! :smiley:

Then it will guide you to the best java3d engine yet.

So good luck and give it a try…