How do I flip, rotate and overlay the skybox texture? (Trying to play a vr Video)

I am trying to play a VR video using Phroot’s JMonkeyVR.

I use VLC to render the VR Video into native buffers.
I create an image out of the native buffers.
Then create Textures out of the image.
I then create two sky boxes, one for each eye, and attach them as scenes to each view-port of the VR device.

I now need the image in each VR view-port to be fliped. I also need to rotate the texture in on of the Viewports in order to have the left and the right halves of the image appear in the same position in 3d space. I also need to somehow black out the right part of the image for the left view port and the left part of the image for the right view port.

Doing all these transformations to the image itself before applying it to the spatial for each frame takes too long and makes the video very choppy.

And I can’t for the life of me find anything on google that will help me transform the skybox in the way that I described above. i.e. flip on y, black out part of texture and flip on x.

can anyone help?

Translated: “Hi, I want to use a skybox and then circumvent literally everything that makes a skybox a skybox… can you tell me how to do that?”

Yes, don’t use a sky box. Just make an inside out box and put your texture on it… then you can rotate it however you like, duplicate it, scale it, flip it around any which way.

Yes, I’m sorry for the noob question. Thank you for the answer. That did work.

My main problem was that I was setting the Sky spatial directly onto the viewport, because of this rotations didn’t work, and I wasn’t sure what was going on. After creating a root node for each view port, and adding the sky to that node, the rotations worked fine.

It wasn’t really a noob question… but so often folks get on a certain train of thought and don’t even see they’ve driven in the wrong direction.