How do i import the FengGUI into the jme?

  How do i import the FengGUI into the jme?When i copy the FengGUI into the jme,but when i  got many errors so as  the class  BasicGameState is not found?Could anyone tell me the reason?Thanks a lot. :?

  Where and  which folder can  i import the sources into the jme?


Or my instructions (assuming you're using Eclipse):


Download the zip file from the newest folder.

Make a new folder in your Workspace folder (not inside the eclipse program, actual workspace folder!), call it FengGUI, unzip everything into there.  Goto the tutorial page and copy and paste FengJMEInputHandler and the Simple FengGUI/jME App into your Project.  Then right-click your Project folder, goto 'Properties', then to 'Java Build Path', goto the 'Libraries' tab, click 'Add Library', 'User library', 'next', 'User libraries', 'New', enter FengGUI for name, 'ok', select the new library and select 'Add jars' and select the FengGUI jar you unzipped into the FengGUI folder.  Then click 'ok' a bunch of times and it should now work.

You can expand the FengGUI library and try to view the files, you can then select to attach the 'src' folder so you can see the code.

Thank you ,everything is ok now ,now when i run the example that occued a exception

like this:java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: jcore/signal/SignalListener

at FengJME.initGUI(

at FengJME.initGame(


at FengJME.main(

Feb 25, 2007 11:05:51 PM start :?

Seems your missing the jcore.jar… i think, not really sure.

I made a new tutorial for fengui in eclipse.

Well, it can work now.Thank you. XD

just a quick aside on jcore: We removed all jcore dependencies from FengGUI a while ago. Please make sure you grap the latest binaries/sources from or directly out of the SVN.  :slight_smile: