How do I remove the Exit on Esc part? (The other thread is 1.5 years old and doesn't work anymore!)


I wish to remove the esc command but found no other way than totaly disable all inputs (which ofc is not an option).

So how do I remove it?

By simply creating an new listener and letting it do something on esc does NOT work.

The other thread about this is funny, but its 1 year and 6 months old and the solution given does not work. As a mather of fact

the KeybindingManager does not exsist.

So in jME3, how do I do this?




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It does feel like I answered something related to this last week, though… wonder if it got lost.

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…but I’m not sure why that other person was having issues and they never responded.

Yeah, so the thread will never be marked with “SOLVED”. But anyway, that code really works ;).