How do you make a button fit its text?

Ok, i could get dimensions of the text from BitmapTextUtil and figure itself out myself to get the length of the text and set the width of the button and all that, but is there maybe a better/easier way to do this ? Does Button have a function i can call so it sizes itself according to its contend ?

There isn’t, but this might make it into a wishlist if there is enough people wanting this.

Might be a good idea for Elements in general to have a function you can call that resizes them so they fit their contend, something similar to .pack() of swing components.

As you probably know development has been frozen for a bit. It’ll go back to a faster pace in the near future. There are other problems that need to be solved and Chris is aware of those, but as things are right now, everyone will have to patiently wait.

Yes, i know.
Just putting the idea out there.