How do you organise your project files?

Ok so I recently decided that I want to make a game, seeing as though I am already fairly proficient in java I went for JME3.

Having gotten into starting my project though, I now come to a bit of a ponderous situation:

How do you organise/arrange your files because for many things you need access to members of your application class (adding spatials, accessing the appstate for things such as physics, modifying any sort of input etc). How do you go about dealing with the need to access these attributes without putting your entire application in 1 class?

Do you just add methods to access them (eg. getRootNode) or is there a more elegant method?

doesn’t you proficiency in java lend a hand to this solution? either pass the application reference as a constructor argument, or create a static reference to the application instance. There are of course other ways as well

Regarding my proficiency, it wasnt so much that I dont know how, as much as I wouldnt know which way to do it :slight_smile:

My question is more of a “which would you recommend?” rather than “how does one do it?”

Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

As outlined in our “best practices” document: