How do you refresh the filesystem in JME3

I’ve been working with someone trying to figure out how to use jme3, when we ran into a null pointer exception. Following the error printout, we quickly found the troublesome method and started adding println to the method that threw the exception to figure out what was null;

however, the println never displayed anything. Curiously, we added a println to the method that threw the method, and the method that threw that one, and only in the method that threw the method that threw the exception could we get a println before the exception.

Soon enough, we started commenting out lines and getting exceptions on the comments. we were thoroughly confused. Then suddenly, the printlns started appearing. Recently, I changed a working println and it ran with no difference, forcing me to conclude that the project is not recompiling before it runs. I’ve even added errors deliberately to try to force something else to happen.

How do I force it to recompile? I’ve looked, but it is not readily apparent. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Press the clean & build button.

hey thanks, since clean & build, i have been able to find the bug almost instantly. For future reference, is there a noob section I can go to in the forums for simple questions?