How to add a box on the SceneExpolorer?

How to add a box on the SceneExpolorer??

Hmmm. You have to model your box in a 3d modeling program and add it in SceneExplorer.

Btw, 1 year ago I did a plugin “MeshTool” for jmp which allows us to add simple geometries to the SceneExplorer, but it was discontinued by some reason :roll: . The source code is very ugly :roll: , because I was a newbie :slight_smile: .

It’s broken, and you are welcome to maintain it as well (because I’m busy with the kinect implementation). It’s on jmp-contribuitions repository. See yourself :

Yeah, editing of meshes should be done in a 3d editor.

Why is the image called fuckyou1.jpg? Does it mean something?

Maybe it’s an enigma.

@normen: Adding a menu to add simple mesh like sphere, box, etc is so easy there’s really no excuse not to add it. The scene physics controls are also cool, we would like to have them.

And next is the question “how do I manipulate the vertices?”… It just makes no sense only adding box meshes to a scene… But a plugin like that is now the very easiest thing to be done, all described in the wiki :stuck_out_tongue:

The key point is to prevent feature bloat, since we call it SceneComposer I can expect to compose scenes via the tool, not models. Thus it is safe to add simple shapes, etc. Let us leave vertex editing for the tools created for that purpose.

yes, blender that should does that.

Why can’t linked models be deleted in SceneComposer?