How to add icon to android?

Before on jmonkey I had the icons under the /res file on my mobile directory. But now there is no /res file so the different versions of the android icons are not there. Which means I can not simply go under the /res directory and substitute the icons there for my icon.

Also, I know from experience that when building on eclipse the android sdk does the custom icon set up for you through gui.

Since setting your icon is supposed to be an easy process that I know from previous experience, how do I set my icon now for android on Jmonkey? I don’t have the /res file.

I guess I could create a /res file but what would happen to the textures of my game!?

What do you mean by /res file? Do you always mean /res directory? In my project there is a /res directory which I store my icons. Then, if you check in the file which is under Generated Source Packages -> <default package> it will contain all of the directory paths to where things like icons are located.

I just want to know why aren’t the little android icons generated so I can replace them with my custom icons. I think I mis-spoke earlier when I said the /res directory isn’t created.