How to apply a difference patch?

Can someone give me a simple step by step process to install a difference patch.

I’ve looked at help and forums, but it’s all a bit overwhelming.

I need to use CVS right?

But I need to install CVS ? I’m currently downloading Xcode tools which I think will allow me to create a CVS root.

Is this the right way?

p.s. i’m using jmonkey platform.

If the patch is from svn, select the file, then use Subversion → Apply Diff Patch. CVS is not commonly used anymore, svn pretty much replaced it.

thanks normen - still need some direction,

specifically how would I use the patch from this,

how do i create the patch file - do i copy and paste it into a txt document with a .patch .diff extension?

Yeah, .patch

okay do i need to install subversion software?

what i’ve tried…

I set up the path to the svn executable in preferences.

do i open the file and use Subversion → Apply Diff Patch from there? I can’t as it’s greyed out

I’ve called the patch BoundingBox.patch and copied the text into there.

still confused sorry…

Unless you want to learn diff/patch mechanism for general enlightment, in this particular case, just apply the change by hand. Find the line marked with - in the file and replace it with whatever is after +.

yeah but the file is read only within jm platform -

so then i looked for the source libraries - but got confused as to what/where i should be looking…

If you want to apply a patch to jme you have to build it yourself, see the manual for that too.