How to autoscale on android

Currently i have rendered a scene on 800480 screen size but on different screen resolution amount of area shown is either increasing or decreasing depending on screen resolution i want this to be constant on ever screen size.

Please help me out on this.

Thing is whatever area of scene i am able to see on 800
480 same amount of area i want to see on every screen size.

Move the camera back?

Hm, i kind of assumed that scalling should be done automatically and i can adjust the visible scene scales trough the frustum…

The weird thing is that what he is asking for is how it already works…

Unless he means changing the aspect ratio?

Yeah, then its also different if he’s talking about UI… But with this information alone I’d say he has to move the cam back and think about different aspect ratios :slight_smile:

The issue is different aspect ratios. If you have one display with higher aspect, you will be able to see more on the sides than on a display with a lower aspect. Of course the other way of handling it is to have displays with lower aspect see more on the top and bottom then displays with a higher aspect.

In other words, some devices will see more than others, and there’s absolutely no way of handling it properly.