How to build one part of hollow cylinder

All I want to is that make one graph like below with JME3:

I just want to build half of one howllow cylinder,seems the class Cylinder did not provide even the howllow cylinder functions.

Appreciate for any suggestions.

make it in blender or any modeler tool and import it via the blender loader or the ogre exporter

Hi, nehon

Thanks for your response.

I am doing one tool which can dynamically generate many kinds of graphs with jme. and make it in modeler tool is pretty easy, but I want to do it with JME,

Well i guess you’ll have to read this and make your own mesh

This kind of primitive has no built in support

  1. create a cylinder.
  2. clone it.
  3. scale it by 0.70f.
  4. Use Boolean.Subtract shape.
  5. taDa ready.

    Jme doesnt have boolean.subtract shape, but if you want you can implement that and contribute it.

    I may have a look at it after 1 month (after my exams).


Yes, there are at least two functions should be implement :

  • subtract shape.
  • cut one part of the shape.