How to catch nifty events in hud screen in android


I have used nifty in android and have catched Tap event using a TouchListener onTouch(). But as soon as I enable touch mappings on android, the nifty button on hud screen no longer responds. They start responding as soon as I disable touch mappings. I want both the input events. Please guide how should I approach??

Another iusse with android nifty is that the screen doesnt render as it renders in PC. It has different relative spacing. Is there any good way to handle it on various devices??

The touch mapping events seem to take precedence over default nifty events. Should I manually filter events based on xy location and skip that area which belongs to buttons…

The whole area of input on android (multi touch and text input in particular) could do with more work. Some of the guys have been working on improving things but I’m not sure what the current status is.

that is big issue, hope it will be solved soon