How to center tab titles in lemur tabedPanel?

how can I center tab titles in lemur tabedPanel?

or put its title to right not default left position?

I assume that you want to center the tabs themselves and not just the text in the tabs?

That’s a good question.

I think you can do it through the styling API though that is certainly not convenient. The element ID of the container that holds the tab buttons is called: “tabButtons” So in theory you could give it a dynamic insets that centered or right-justified it.

I will be doing some Lemur development this weekend and I can take a look at supporting something more convenient than that… maybe with a demo.

If you want to be sure to be able to track the progress then you might put in a feature request on the lemur github… it will also make sure that I don’t forget. :slight_smile:

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listBox is removed from lemur 1.12 ? I cant find it…

list box is in LemurProto… along with some other very useful things that have not yet moved to core.

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where is lemur proto?

Source is here:

…but it’s a jar just like any other in jcenter:

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