How to choose best video adapter on laptops with two GPUs?

I’ve bought new Asus N53S laptop. It has two video adapters: integrated Intel HD and NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M. I’m working on Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit). Windows GUI applications and old games uses Intel adapter and NVIDIA adapter is used by modern 3d games. Unfortunately JMonkeyEngine uses Intel adapter. How can I force it to use NVIDIA? I tried to set in NVIDIA control panel to use it with “java.exe” and tried to do some othe doubtful things, but didn’t get results.

A friend had a similar problem on his laptop. All software used the integrated card. He ended up changing some setting from “Dynamic graphicmode” to “Static graphicmode” in BIOS to make it work.

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Thank you! It is a solution, but I hope avoid it, because my BIOS has no such option (apparently my BIOS firmware need to be updated to get it). Note that there are no such problems with other 3d games.

I think there should be a better solution, because we (game developers) shouldn’t force our players to change BIOS settings (and update BIOS firmware all the more) in order to play.

I’m also interested in the proper solution. If other games trigger the proper card then in theory there must be something that lwjgl could do to also trigger it. I’ve had at least one Mythruna user directly affected by this that had to mess with their BIOS to get Mythruna to run properly.,24352.0

Not very helpfull but at least explaining.

Seems the native functions are not supported currently.