How to close the window without exiting the whole application?

Hi there!

I'm working on a simple data visualization system which works under a data processing application. I load data into my jME application, then I show the window. I works great, but then I want to close the jME window without calling System.exit(), because it also shuts down the data processing software.

How can I do this? Source codes of jME and LWJGL are full of System.exit() calls :((

I've overridden the quit() method and removed System.exit() call. But it won't close the window.

So, all I want to do, is to release all resources and close the jME window. Just like in case of regular exit, but without the System.exit() call.

Thanks for help and please excuse my english.

have never used this before, but maybe reinit() will help ya

with regards to lwjgl, you just need to call Display.destroy(). The reason for all the System.exit() in lwjgl, is because that many of the tests are webstartable, which have issues with exiting cleanly. We therefore force an unclean exit.

For jME, you can implement your own AbstractGame class with no exit in the quit method. BaseGame calls exit (all the default jME game classes extend BaseGame).