How to create Live Wallpape with JMonkeyEngine?

Hi to all!

How to create Live Wallpaper on Android using JMonkeyEngine?

You mean just as a background? If that’s the case, you’re using a cannon to kill a mosquito mate.

Try this:

I want to make 3D Live Wallpaper by using physics.

How to port my desktop application to android as LiveWallpaperService? AndroidHarness just for common application.

Interresting idea for sure :wink:

I didnt even think about a GLSurfaceView which is not fullscreen yet. Could be theoretically possible.

But im nearly sure that practically it is not possible now.

Given that android 3.0 and higher has GPU accelerated UI it might work

Wouldn’t it be sucking your battery dry pretty darn fast though? It might not even make it to the market due to its environmental hazards :stuck_out_tongue:

I would imagine it would animate only when you’re actually looking at it, which can be like a few minutes per day since usually you’re inside some app.

Still its not a good thing if it used physics, as physics uses the CPU a lot so battery would be drained as if you played a video game for several minutes.