How to deploy a second seperated apk?

During last summer I built an APK with jme for my Handy.
Now i built a second one. Because I first let the default path to the Mobile src as I did on the first game, the second one updates/replaces the first one (it started successful). Because I want them booth to be installed at the same time, I changed the “com\mycompany\mygame” package in the src of mobile, the projecect properties (in the jme sdk gui) and in the android manifest. Now it is recorgnized as a new apk but it doesn’t work anymore. Also the App Name I changed in the manifest is now ignored.

Im not Android developer, but i know that many of them use Android Studio with JME to build apps.(not SDK). Maybe this info might help you.

I’ve read that too and I’m not an Android developer too. So I started with jme because I’ve red that jme is a simple alternative to deploy for Android. Before I start to use the Android Studio I hope for some suggestion to avoid my mentined problem, But in sight of the point that google don’t support their stand alone Build Tools anymore, I probably run out of options soon and will have to use Studio for then jme apk deploys.

i seen Android Studio, yes it require some knowledge, but it allow everything you need for Android.

see this one:

what you trully need is:

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Due to the migration, my message got lost, but the bottomline is:
There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Seeing that it used to work until you changed some package names, it rather looks like you forgot to change it somewhere else or something.
That’s also a thing that is not easily remote-debugged. You probably need to look through everything carefully.

thanks to you booth. I will give this a try.

Notably absent from your lists of things you changed “the package name in the .java file”.

yes, I refactoredt the sources in the mobile souces. But every new build, he created the old ones new, thats why changed so much in the project > properties. But now before I completly mix up my project I will read more over the mentioned Android studio way for deploying jme profefcts.

I’ve tried the Template and deployed my current game with android studio with almost the same result like my former deploys with jme (Before the game was always in landscape mode, now it reacts to the orientation of the device). Due to the simple possible of running the app on an avd, this behavier does not have any matter to me.

Thanks for helping me!

@oxplay2 thanks for sharing the repo , it actually saved me time , i was searching for something like that a couple of days ago , & found another example that seems to be old , but this is great.

A video of using it with an activity that has a button , to start the androidHarness activity

I should thank @jayfella too…: