How to disable sound!?

Sirs, I am in a hurry.

I cannot run my game (it has no sounds) in one prodcution pc because it doesn't have a sound card. Anyway, I dont use sounds and then I need to completely disable sounds initialization in my StandardGame.

What's the way to advice StandardGame not to try initiating sound and fully disable it?

Thanks, in advance.

Before creating your StandardGame get the Game Settings

GameSettings settings = new PreferencesGameSettings( Preferences.userRoot().node( Globals.gameName ) );
settings.isMusic( false );
settings.isSFX( false );

Then pass that into your StandardGame creation method, look at the StandardGame source for more info.

heh basics beat me, StandardGame has also a getSettings() Method you could use.




did solve it.

Ups, now I see your reply Core-Dump… mine went crossed with yours. Yes, those settings were the solution :wink:

Oh, sure.

I forgot that you need to call .start() before stuff gets initialized…

Yeah… already experimented  :smiley:

Better yet, put a sound-card in your computer.