How to do this best? - Stars & Galaxies Effects


is there a way to specify effects based on how close the object is to the camera?

What i want to do is this:

I have a Galaxy, and there are MANY MANY StarSystems.

Now from far they are just dots.

Coming closer they should be glowing balls (with some blur or even particle effects).

Coming even closer the effects should become more fancy.

Coming even closer it would switch to StarSystem mode, where you see the Star and Planets and the rest of the Galaxy is removed from view.

Ever played SPORE (from EA Games)? What they do is very awesome. I want this to be similar.

Any tips and hints are appreciated.

Here some pictures:

The first is what i have so far for the Galaxy (it’s a 2D Galaxy modeled in 3D).

The other pictures are screenshots from Spore. This is how i want it to look like.

The small stars, glowing in multiple colors …

And then the sun on close up.

I’m looking into Bloom and Glow now.

But is it possible to activate effects when coming closer in an easy (automatic) way?

This is my key question.

But any other tips on how to achieve these effects are very welcome, too.

Just check the distance and change the effect accordingly? :wink:

There is no “automatic?!” way! You have different representations for your stars and galaxies and therefore have to switch beetween them depending on your distance to them, as normen said. I guess it will take a long tweaking time to get the transition well but that’s how it works :slight_smile: