How to export materials using ogremax in 3dsmax2010

I can export the model’s mesh xml file using ogremax, but the materials can not be exported. I don’t know why? Is there any setting for exporting materials?

Yes they can, read the manual of the exporter again. On import make sure the .material file has the same name as the ,mesh.xml or .scene file you want to import.

Do you know what setting is needed to export materials? I have try many times, but still not export the materials…

Thanks normen.

I use the default setting of materials except checked the “Copy Bitmaps to Export Directory” checkbox.

But also can not export the materials, only a .scene and some .mesh.xml files are exported.

In my opinion, the .material files should be exported automatically when exporting scene…

Oh, my god.

The cause is that my export directory path contains some Chinese characters. If that, only the .scene and .mesh file can be exported, the .material file can’t be exported.