How to find a tangential plane for a collision shape?

Ok, I had to check… since your earliest image showed a gigantic bubble as the collision shape. That’s the same thing that happens when people misunderstand that width is a radius… which usually implies that the thing 1.0 is a decent enough mass.

Gravity is in the same units as acceleration, I guess… meters/sec/sec. 10 being what we’d have on earth, 20 being what most video games use.

I use the model to generate radius and height dynamically. This robot happens to be relatively wide, somewhere around half its height, so the cylindrical part of the capsule shape isn’t really there.

I can read the impulses generated by movement and collision from the collision event, but how/where can I actually manipulate those impulse verctors? Something like “setImpulse” maybe.
Is the BetterCharacterControl.setWalkDirection the only/proper way? Because with some vector math, I’m pretty sure I could find a way to dampen movement in only a specific direction (as opposed to the general setting for ALL linear/angular damping).

Just trying to identify what “levers” I have available to mess with movement of physical shapes. Fixing the bouncing is actually not one problem, but a combination of things that need to be adressed. And I’m going to to do it!