How to fix JME after unsuccessful update?

It seems that like many others I’ve fallen into a trap of clicking YES to the JMonkey update. After two re-installs JME is still crippled. It seem to work fine just after reinstallation, however, on the second run it tries to install some modules and APIs and gets into a loop complaining that org.modules.ModuleFormat1 could not be installed. If I click the option to disable these updates the system hangs.

I’ve tried to disable automatic updates but it does not work!

What can be done to fix the problem?

Just delete the settings folder.

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Yes, it worked - thanks Normen. Just in case, I’ve deleted both Users/***/.jmonkeyplatform and AppData/Roaming/.jmonkeyplatform. This was quite unnerving but there is nothing like a bit of hard logic :slight_smile: