How to force sorting on particles

Hey everyone, I am wondering if there is an easy way to force particles to sort themselves so that they render in proper order?

I understand this would bomb any kind of interactive framerate, but for the time being that’s alright.


No theres no such option for the reason you state.

Ah. I read that so fast xD.

Do you need them sorted in relation to the world? then just use billboard quads, horrible performance, but sorting should go.

Actually there was one or two revisions where I added sorting for particles, realized its too slow, then removed it.

Perhaps you can find those revisions :smiley:

I am not sure if it will work with the current version of jME3 though …

Well the new Influencer interface is for such stuff isn’t it?

The influencer interface is just for spawning particles right now. If we add a new updateParticles(Particle[]) method then it could be used for sorting