How to generate .fnt font files?

Hi to all.

How to generate .fnt file?

Is any alternative for this method: ?

(I’m ask because BMFont generator from AngelCode don’t work even on Wine - freeze when I’m try to save bitmap font)

Install the “Font Creator” plugin via the update center, then select “New File…” and then “Font”. You will see all your installed fonts and can select one to create a .fnt and accompanying .png file.

Edit: Oh, an BMFont only works under wine when you dont export the “space” character (usually the first). You can add it later by adding some info for an empty area in the image.

Thank you very much!

I don’t have any option for a “Font Creator” plugin in the available plugins. I just updated everything too. Reading the catalog also doesn’t help. Is there something else that needs installed/updated before the font creator becomes available?

No, I guess you just don’t see it or have it installed already. You have to enable the nightly update center. Its definitely listed:

Thanks. I didn’t have the nightly updates checked in the plugin settings.