How to get an alphamap out of terrain-editor?

Sadly the black image in terrain-editor on android still continues, so maybe there is a (easy?) way to get a 4texture alphamap (like in ‘hello terrain’) out of terrain-editor, so I can code a terrain from it by hand?

I only found empty(?) '…-alphablend…png’s, how do they work?
Or else, can someone point me to info how the terrain is stored in the terrain scene files made by terrain-editor?

The problem you have is probably that the alpha channel is used as a channel for splatting as well, this can be very confusing when editing a terrain splat map in an image editor.

Also some applications tend to erase the color info if the assume the alpha is 0, as it would not be visible for normal use cases, and reduces file size.

But why not use 2 3 layerd ones for the moment?

Dam, this sounds complicating.

@Empire Phoenix : are there applications that show the …-alphablend.png’s generated by terraineditor correct?
Can you link to them?

Even the JME3 itself shows them .png’s empty if I click on them (on ubuntu).

It would also help to get infos of the used format: I could load it into program and convert into a normal .png maybe then.
On Scene.j3o’s and Model.j3o’s it would be nice to know the format too, is there infos around, besides ‘read the code’ and try to get an idea of it?

If the fourth channel has nothing in it then the image is transparent and that’s why you won’t see anything. Others have mentioned this in various ways but not as straight-forward perhaps. Apparently GIMP lets you work with the four channels separately (easier than photoshop as I understand it).

Thank you very much again pspeed!

I will try to check that tomorrow if I can get it working.