How to get the GPU vendor, model name and driver version?

Hi guys, anybody knows what line(s) of code I could use to get the GPU vendor, model name and driver version as shown by the INFO log when we launch a project? It’s not part of the renderer.getCaps() and I can’t seem to find a function that returns this.


From sources you can access it directly by using the Display class.

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Unfortunately, JME doesn’t expose this information. I always wished to add it someday but it has not been high on my to-do list… especially since going directly to the Display class works and will only break when moving to a different non-lwjgl platform. This hasn’t caused me pain yet.

Querying other open GL settings (like max sprite size) is also something I’d like to have.

Hi @jonesadev! OK that suits my needs and it works perfectly in my project :smiley: Thanks!

Paul, I think that’s a good idea to expose those, but GL11.glGetString(GL11.GL_RENDERER) does the trick.