How to import a blender model with diffuse color?


I started using jMonkeyEngine recently and am enjoying it very much. I tried creating a model in Blender (just a cube), imported it and rendered it on the screen successfully, but it does not have the color that I’ve set in Blender.

What I did in Blender was that I selected the cube, entered the Material tab and set its diffuse color to a bluish color. When I look at the model in the nice JME IDE however, it does not have the color.

What is is that I should do to import the object’s material from the blend file as well?

Thank you


It is imported automatically when you load .blend.

put .blend in your asset directory and in JME IDE right click on blend file and select convert to j3o. then open it and hit light button on top left side to add a light to scene. then you should be able to see the cube with the color you set in blender.

try tutorials in wiki

Thank you for replying. I’ve tried exactly that but with no luck. I made a very short video to show how I do it and how the problem occurs:

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Oops! Yes
Thanks for putting video. That made debugging of problem so easy :clap:

Just remove that default cube of blender and create a new cube (Add → Mesh → Cube) and add a material to it and set color. it will work this time … I hope … .

The problem with blender default cube was in it’s texture. It was using non image based texture which is not loaded by jme.

you may watch this video for more information about importing model from blender to JME . it is created on JME 3.1 :

Thank you for your time, the color was indeed imported correctly after re-creating the mesh.