How to import unshaded materials and textures from blender


I’m using Blender to Ogre export tool whose settings are attached in the image file below.


When I export a model from blender it has lightening material attached by default and I have to change it to unshaded each time which resets the color as well. Is there a option in which I can set unshaded material in blender itself so that when I import the model in jMonkey, it retains unshaded material by default and all its colors.

Unfortunately blender2ogre cannot export unshaded materials… You can try the jME blender importer which does support them.

ok, what are the limitations of jME blender importer. I mean if its equally good then why the recommended way is to use OrgeXML??

The Blender importer is pretty good but it’s a bit touch-and-go as Blender changes their format often. If you do simple things then they import fine and you learn what does and doesn’t work pretty quickly.

The Ogre exporter effectively sanitizes your data down to a lowest common denominator of sorts… so it’s more reliable but you lose some features, also: such as unshaded materials.

ok thanks
nice explanation

“Shadeless” in materials tab should be checked in blender…