How to increase resolution of heightmap?

Hi guys, I am new to jME and I have some problems with generating height map. I will try to describe my situation as best as I can.

I am working on maps using SRTM data and OpenStreetMap data. My task is to modify terrain along the roads to be flat so vehicle drives with no “roll” angle. I am processing quite a huge area, so maximal height map resolution 4096x4096 is not sufficient for me (TerrainQuad is used).

Here are my questions:

  1. Is there any possibility to enhance resolution locally (around the roads, where I need it most)?

  2. Is there possibility to use TerrainWorld to connect multiple detailed Terrains to improve resolution?

I have browsed some topics here at the forum, but couldn’t find any suitable answer. Could you guys help me? (I have seen that @Sploreg and @jayfella have been working on terrains)

Thanks for help :smiley:

Creating a mesh based on the data isn’t too complicated, I suggest you try and do that instead.

Honestly, I doubt that the JME terrain system is ideal for what you’re trying to achieve.

I have a terrain system that maps SRTM and satellite imagery onto a sphere using JME. I can also think about implementing OpenStreetMap data and modifying terrain elevation on the fly. However, it will not be free. If you’re interested send me a message.

Thank you guys. I have started to work on mesh definition of terrain and it seams to be working quite well