How to install J2me

Hi to you all

this is the first time i write in the forum so what i want to say is:

I'm doing some J2me application for symbian phone but i have no idea about how to program in J2me but i quite good in core java

so hope this forum will help me doing my project by show me how to install the J2me in the beginning

then later on how to program in J2me and what other application is needed

excuse my English I'm not native speaker

Is possible to do a aplication using Jme + j2m?


No, its not possible! (Nowadays).

jME requires a JavaSE Virtual Machine.


it's can be for web? or only desktop?

jMonkeyEngine is only available for Java standard edition which is for Windows, Linux, and MacOS systems.

There's the m3g API for 3D graphics on J2ME, I am not sure but symbian phones might have their own 3D graphics API. If you want to develop in Java you would have to use J2ME though.