How to make a fixed screen

I would like to have a fixed ratio for my screen like 4:3 or something, I want to see always the same amount of stuff no matter what screen resolution (width and height). Is there a simple ready to use solution or does that involve a lot of self crafted software to achieve?

Use fixed resolution and set it to fullscreen? That is at least easy, but dunno if it is the best looking solution there is.

Tell us more about what you want to achieve

The problem is that with different ratio the player don’t see the same size of the level. If you have a wide screen you will see a lot more side ways than with a normal monitor. So I would like to have the same ratio and black out what is too much as I also don’t want a ugly stretched level. I think same resolution is probably not cool… but one solution indeed.

I think you want to set the viewport width.

Oh and that’s it? Ok I give a try. Sounds promising. Thanks a lot.