How to make a JFX style Color Picker with Lemur

Hi all,
is it possible to create with Lemur a button that shows the selected color and that once clicked opens a ColorPicker?

I would like to make something like JFX.

I know the Lemur library has a ColorPicker style component → ColorChooser

I would like to make a simple gui to change the material color of an object.
I would like to hear your advice and if you have already implemented something similar a code snippet.

Thanks in advance.

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I think you can switch the default swatch texture with your own image.

Not sure if it is possible to disable the brightness slider else you can just copy the ColorChooser class and remove the slider from it.

Then you can watch for to the selected color by calling colorChooser.getModel().createReference();

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Thanks for the reply @Ali_RS . I’m not sure I understood the suggestion correctly. I’ll write some code and let you know.

Sorry, I might misunderstand it. I thought you do not want to use Lemur default ColorChooser:


and want to change the palette with something like

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