How to make rough reflection on floor like this?

I used SimpleWaterProcessor, and changed dudv_map.jpg, but the effect is not ideal.
I want the floor has its original color, not a total reflection without any color.

The normal lighting material already allows cubemap reflection, and the above looks pretty much like that.

Anyway you could try to mix in the fragment shader a normal floor texture in.

Cheap but effective alternative from old games:
Use a slightly transparent floor, and attach your model mirrored upside down under it and sync its movement.
Also do this with all geometry that should be “reflected”.

Thank you very much!
I think I should try to study anything about shader. Do you have any shader can reflect near scenery?( not a skybox reflection map)
But now the symmetry of the model, I have also seen in UDK, is a good way!

Well live reflections are really costly.
What i have seen in the source engine is,
you place cubemap objects in the editor, and in the end you let the engine create a (probably using 2 180° cameras) cubemap for each of these locations.

So if your geometry is mostly static this works very well (say in CS or HalfLife2).

Cubemaps - Valve Developer Community

A similar system could be replicated in JME.

Thank you!
The cubemap is good at simulate curved surface reflection.