How to make Snow and Rainy Effects

Hi All,

How to create snow or rainy with particle systems in JME 3? Did we need more than ParticleEmitter object to create those effects?

or Is there any code example that I can follow ?



there is no built in way in JME3 for now.

There are several way of doing this but first you need a drop texture.

Don’t use a regular drop it won’t look good, use more a stretched semi transparent white line or something like that.

then you’ll have to implement one of those techniques :

  • Create a particle emitter that follows your character or the camera according to what you want to do. (easy to do)

  • Create a full screen effect with a shader. Randomly fetch a drop texture, and animate its fall by offsetting texture coordinates (a bit more difficult because it requires shader knowledge)

  • I once read an article, on a nice and cheap technique. The idea is to have 2 cones one above the other, and the second one upside down. you map a set of rain drops textures on the cones (an offset the texcoord in the shader to make them animated).

    This cones have to follow the camera, and the camera have to be inside them.

    The interesting thing with this technique is that you can give a speed affect to the rain just by rotating the cones according to the direction and speed of the camera.

    This technique was described in Game programming gems 5 I think. (that’s the more difficult way of doing this, but it could be worth the try)

thanks nehon for useful information :slight_smile: