How to make the back face of lemur 3d UIs visible

Aka How to turn off backface culling on lemur

I have quite a few 3D lemur UIs where it is possible for the player to get behind them, at which point they disappear. I would like the rear face of the UI to be visible (I’m open to that either being just the blank container, or the entire UI backwards, but not nothing).

If I was doing this with a normal geometry I’d just turn off backface culling but I don’t have easy access to the material used by Lemur.

Is there a way to make the back face of lemur 3d UIs visible?

You should be able to get the material from a lemur component’s background:

Material material = ((QuadBackgroundComponent)container.getBackground()).getMaterial().getMaterial();
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Thanks, that works nicely, in my case the background was a TbtQuadBackgroundComponent but the same approach worked

        Material material = ((TbtQuadBackgroundComponent)wristPickLineLengthIndicator.getBackground()).getMaterial().getMaterial();