How to manually check colision [SOLVED]

I did, can you check it out ?

Either way, custom code and spatial organization is the key. Voxels just have spatial organization built in by default.

Properly organized, you could get a ray intersection down near constant time for some set of objects… though really it starts to sound more and more like what you want to do is nearly impossible. And “But it’s just like this other thing that took shortcuts to make it possible” doesn’t make it more possible… It just points out the compromises needed to make it more feasible.

Doing the nearly-impossible will require clever tricks.

No you didn’t. A few pieces, RigidBodies and particles was the suggestion.

Yes I agree. I think this is the job of an game programer :smile:

You do understand that this isn’t really kept as a bunch of separate blocks, right? Assuming that number is correct then it’s likely just an array of 500k ints… possibly even compressed in an octree style structure.

Particles ?

Particles are still many :smiley:


I dont get it… How particles will help on collision detection ?

The collision detection issue is solved imo. Particles help you display more stuff flying around without having 10000 geometries.

Well, I am not going to give up of this idea so easily, I was thinking it may be possible if :

  1. Run a Boxelization into alll peaces.
  2. Build an custom collision detect beteween those boxes and the explosion sphere.
    There is anything built in for Boxelization in Jm3 ?

Ops… I found : BoundingBox :slight_smile:

Too bad, you were so close… I’m out of the discussion, good luck.

Thanks Normen ! You are the best !

Sorry for the off-topic, but I would put a frame and pin this whole thread for future reference.

I was able to archived it using kinematic + custom collison using the array of objects in memory.
Some coments about it :

  1. Dont use Ghosts, use kinematic insted, ghosts are bugued, they check for box that dont rotate, so it will be allways out of sync with your objects if it rotates.
  2. Do the check on the physicsTick and use spheres against spheres if you can, or point against spheres, they are the fast way to make custom collisins detection.
  3. Use CollisionGroups to prevent the normal collision test to work on your custom collisions.