How to move object on scene with camera look in 3D (see image inside)

In SimpleApp you can move cameraNode to XYZ of stage center.

How to make same for object?

I will look in package for now

so u want the camera to move at the same time with the object, so they never come in contact? O.o

When the distance between the object and the camera is inferior to the distance that you want adapt the position of the camera.You do the same when the camera distance is superior. And add a camera look at your object in the update loop. This method works and i use it in my application if you can not create it I could give you my procedure. If this is what you wanted.

I need to control some object (space ship) with flyCam.

I tried to make node and place there camera & my object - no luck: i can’t place camera to node.

Mmmmm you should try to do the opposite. Create an object and move it to finally create a camera that follows him. You tried to do what i’ve want to do when i discovering JMonkey but this may not be the right way.

Create your object (your Space Chip) and create a camera which following his movements. If this is not what you want and finally you manage to create your camera system, I’d be curious to see how you do this ^^.

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as stormrage sayd thats the way to do it, tho u could simply remove flycam’s imput and jsut add new ones… take a look into ChaseCam