How to port from jme 0.8 widget packet


I am to make a port from a program using jme 0.8 (actually a cvs just before jme 0.9 was released) to jme 0.9.

My problem is, that it makes heavy use of the widget packet.

My question would start like this:

how to replace the following classes (or any own, derived classes):




(the methods of this class)

Any help would be appreciated…

The widget packages were no longer maintained by anyone, so they are now removed from jME. You could try irrisor's Swing in jME in CVS or try BUI or NUI. Just browse some through the GUI forum…

Or you could maintain the widget package yourself, of course.


I think you over-estimated my skills here :smiley:

I'm still having trouble with cvs and eclipse - not to mention my recent switch from c++ to java …

What's the meaning of the packets



that came with jme0.9?

I didn't see them in jme0.8 …

Those have moved to com.jmex.awt in current cvs and contain awt stuff  :wink:

  • JMECanvas to show jME within Swing
  • JMEDesktop to show Swing within jME (only in CVS)
  • some helper classes

    look at the actual classes and browse there for more info