How to resize the render window


I'm at the task to create a render window that can be resized at runtime by the user.

It is demanded, that the window will not have a fixed size like 1024x768.

It would be nice, if you could switch to fullscreen and back, but not necessary.

My question:

How to make something like this with jME?

Have until now only used the property dialog that comes with jME.


Is it possible to keep the scenegraph and not need to rebuild it completely?

How do I make this?

Have a look at TestRecreateWindow. Is this what you need?

If you need the user to resize the window by dragging the corners with the mouse consider to use a swing frame with a canvas instead (or ask some lwjgl folks if it's possible with the native window).

And for your question edited in, that's possible if you use a Swing frame like irrisor suggested. Look at some of the examples like the particle editor (in jmetest.effects I think)

  • it is possible with recreate window, too.

ok, thank you for the hints and for the fast help!

I checked the DisplaySystem.recreateWindow function:

It works well in my app when used like in the jmetest-Demo (except for 16bit fullscreen switch - but that is due to my ATI openGL-implementation).

The only problem is, that it would be nice, to have something like a resize-event for the window or something like that.

I also took a look into the jmetest-Demos using the com.jmex.awt.SimpleCanvasImpl class.

It may be that this is more in the direction of what I need (see question below).

But I then have another problem, maybe I should post it here: