How to set up android studio,in 32 bit window 7

I want to make simple animation game in android studio, but getting no emulator installed, intel haxm needed
Also need ndk option ,
Please help.
Tried everything install haxm, enable virtualization in boot menu.

32bit windows? This just leaves me asking more questions.

What’s the actual problem. Please try to explain what the actual issue is.

Google has lots of resources for Android Studio, (
In order to use virtualization of a arm64 chip (such as those found in android devices) you must be running a 64 bit version of windows for almost all emulators (I do not know of any that support 32bit, but there may be one out there…)

This forum is primary for JME support. I recommend the android studio community for support on their products. Asking questions about other products here usually does not turn up very good results as most of us here will probably not know the answer unless we go looking elsewhere.

If you need help on using JME within android studio, then feel free to ask questions on that topic, there are members here who have experience in that field.

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How jmonkey install Android in their engine.

ok iam comming straight to problem

how to read files from usb otg in android
path to external usb connected by otg before android 8.1

now android 8.1 post, iam unable to see the path by any file manager app

so my main problem is how to read write file to external usb
File gg = new File("/path");

how to get this path
or how to list all mountpoints

how to read assest like .obj file from otg usb in android
how to know the path of usb before reading
i found libaums on github but i dont know how to use i