How to specify absolute position

I'm learning how to position objects.  Supposed when I hit the space bar, I want a sphere to toggle between 0,5,0  and 0,-5,0.  The following works:

sphere = new Sphere("sphere", new Vector3f(0,5,0)..);

  if (space)
     toggle = !toggle
     sphere.setLocalTranslation(toggle ? ..10..., ...-10...);

Is there a way to just specify Vector3f(0,-5/5,0) (absolute) vs. relative?  That is, sphere.someSetItHereMethodOrOther(...5/-5...).  Or put it another way, suppose I have no idea what the object's coordinates are, but I want to put it at location 1,1,1.  How would I do that?


Why not just use an if-else with two two different translations specified(5 and -5)