How to stop fast falling objects pass through the mesh of a map?

My question is simple. I carried a map using Spatial = assetManager.loadModel (road map) so I set it to 0 the mass so that it is stopped. So far ok, but I noticed that when loading a map, your mesh is very fine, this is bad, because a very fast falling object can easily cross the floor and fall into the void. I was wondering if no way to prevent this from happening. I’m so new to jME be patient I did not know that. :wink:

In short, no

in long game specific,
like limit the maximum speed of objects
add a if y<lowestpoint reset as a fallback for stuck players
enable the ccd stuff via its setters it might help.
use larger objects.

The following allowed me to increase my vehicles speed without them racing through obstacles.


Something to keep into consideration, is that you can increase the perception of speed without actually raising it.

You ASSUME that you do what you say you’re doing. Statements like this are completely useless and no correct answer can be given without further information. The simple answer would be “they don’t, I have objects being stopped on the floor right here, you can run the physics tests to see the same thing happening”.

Theres various possible reasons for what you see. You might use mesh collision shapes for the mobile objects (which the javadoc, manual and every other resource states doesn’t work), you might have forgotten to add the floor to the physics space, all kinds of things could be the reason. Please be more concise when making troubleshooting requests. I’ll post this link again:

Otherwise as the others said, very high velocities simply require ccd and large triangles in the floor geometry generally won’t work well.

By the way, theres MASSES of videos of AAA games where high velocity objects / string forces created by objects being stuck into each other cause the same issue.